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Garden types

What type(s) of garden are you planning to grow?

The top garden types people grow and plant …

Attract Wildlife
Plan a garden that is an inviting place for wildlife.

A Butterfly Garden
Plan a garden of flowers and plants that butterflies will love.

A Container Garden
If space is limited, plan a garden that will grow plants in containers.

A Cottage Garden
English cottage gardens create a peaceful look using roses, foxgloves, daisies and other native plants.

An Ever-blooming Garden
Planning your garden to have color all season.

Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs Garden
Planning an edible garden makes better tasting food when you grow them yourself.

A Feng Shui Garden Design
Planning a beautiful garden with vibrant energy.

A Greenhouse
Planning a garden for greater control over the growing environment of plants.

Hydroponic and aerated gardening
Planning on growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil.

An Indoor Garden
No yard? No problem! Plan an indoor garden.

A Moon Garden
Planning a garden design that grows plants that reflect on the moon.

An Organic Garden
Planning on composting, recycling yard waste, and using natural fertilizers and pesticides.

A Raised Bed Garden
Planning on gardening the lazy way.

A Sculpture Garden Design
Planning on accenting a garden with art, rocks and statues.

Square Foot Gardening
Planning and designing small but intensively planted gardens.

A Tropical Garden
Planning a garden that features tropical plants and requires good rainfall for watering.

A Water Garden
Planning a backyard pond, garden fountain and aquascaping.

Other Specialty Garden
Planning a bonsai garden, a cactus garden, therapy garden, vertical gardening or any other types of gardens.

What garden types do you grow? Which types of gardens would you like to grow? Any other thoughts about these top garden types that you would like to share?

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