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Nasturtium pods

How to collect and save nasturtium seeds
Nasturtium seed is particularly easy to collect because it is so easy to spot the seed pods.

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Pick up the pods that drop off the nasturtium plant and spread them out to dry completely before storing them.

Collect and store nasturtium seeds to save money or share them with friends and family.

Since the flowers, leaves and even unripe seed pods are edible you can eat the green pods fresh off the plant for a crisp, peppery, inexpensive substitute for capers!

fresh nasturtium seeds

nasturtium seeds growing

The ones that fall off onto the ground can be saved for planting these beauties again next year! Here in USDA Zone 9b, they are dropping off for easy collecting now. Watch how easy it is to find these little gems …sorry, I mean pods. 🙂

Watch me collecting nasturtium seeds for saving and growing directly
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Break open the dry pods to collect seeds that is inside the pods before storing.

Paper bags and envelopes are the simplest of containers for collecting and storing any seeds you plan on saving. Label and store in a cool dry place.

That is all there is to collecting and saving nasturtium seeds!

Do you grow these beauties? Have you ever collected and saved any of your own nasturtium seeds?

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