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Garden fountain benefits

Construct a wildlife friendly yard with your own water garden fountain. Everyone, including butterflies, dragonflies and birds, love the sound of a fresh trickling outdoor garden fountain.

The sight and sound of the fountain can really add to the enjoyment when being outside!

By encouraging birds and butterflies into your garden you’re doing mother earth a favor as well as improving your gardening area.

Birds are attracted to the sounds in garden water fountains, just make sure the container is shallow and the water is no more than two or three inches deep – oh and be thoughtful during the planning process, keep your fountain away from an area that cats frequently pass.

Butterflies are attracted to birdbaths as well, however they prefer water located closer to ground level and prefer to land on moist dirt or sand for puddling, in which they extract water, sodium, and other nutrients from moist sand or soil.

Garden decor such as this will add value to your landscape too!

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