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Garden fountain parts required

Plan your garden fountain so you know what parts will be required.

Take a look at this ‘how to construct a garden fountain’ video, click here.

First take a look around the house/yard to see if you have any of the garden fountain parts that are required just laying around. Large rocks/boulders are great for garden fountain projects.

Next find a spot you can put it and dig a hole, this is the toughest part of the entire project. 😉

Find a waterproof container (e.g., consider plastic tubs, planters or ceramic planters) and a waterproof liner.

For different interesting things you could use, check out places like local yard sales and thrift stores.

Our garden water fountain was made from a solar fountain that I bought on eBay. I shop on eBay for lots of my gardening supplies ‘n’ stuff, check out all the garden fountain parts available today!

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What do you have for garden fountain supplies and where do you get yours?

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