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Got flies?

Got flies? Try a fly swatter gun

Need an ingenious flying insect killer? The pesticide free, fly swatter gun, can turn your annoying outdoor activities into fun, sweet revenge!

Fly swatter guns have been said to be more accurate (and faster) than your conventional fly swatter.

Plus, you or the kids can have hours of fun on the patio/porch with a fly swatter gun.

Going on vacation, RV’ing or camping? Why not bring a fly swatter gun?

If flying bugs pester you this is your chance to get even.

The reviews for the fly swatter guns are in … here are some comments:

“Point and click, well point and squish! Works like a flyswatter only better! Go ahead, punk fly, make my day!”

“Purchased these as gag gifts for my husband. It’s turned out to be a very useful and fun way to get rid of insects in our home. I’ve purchased several more to give as gifts.”

Now talk about an affordable, fun and useful gag gift! Who would have thought?

A fly swatter gun makes the perfect gift for that friend, co-worker or relative who “has everything”.

Get a bug zapper to go with your gun …

“Fly swatter guns are great fun when you have nothing better to do! At night I prefer watching a bug zapper with a glass of wine but during the day this is more interactive.”

Give the kids some productive fun outdoors! LOL 🙂

Even those stinging flying insects have no chance with the fly swatter gun:

“My favorite use for this – Shoot hornets and stinging insects safely from a distance.”

“As a fly swatter the gun is a much easier and useful tool.”

“Cheap fun and actually works……I bought this and the bug-a-salt. The bug-a-salt looks much cooler but this thing actually works on bugs other than house flies.”

Simple but effective… Have you tried a fly swatter gun?

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