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KISS pests goodbye

Keep It Simple Stupid, easy garden pest repellent

K I S S your plants with a little, simple, safe, homemade recipe that you can whip up in the next few minutes.

Just one tablespoon of dish soap mixed into a gallon of water sprayed on your plantssimple garden pest repellent will get rid of white flies, thrips, aphids and spider mites… Without bothering most beneficial insects such as ladybugs and bees.

This super simple soap spray is used by gardeners everywhere for taking out a wide variety of pesky garden pests.

How does this soap spray garden pest control work? It removes the insects wax coating, causing them to dry out and die … Simple, right?

You can also garden bug free using the interesting aquaponic garden technique CLICK HERE for more.

Have you tried this or any other type of garden pest repellent that works for you? What do you think about this simple soap spray garden pest repellent?

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