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Holiday for the birds

Put on a party for the birds this holiday season.

It’s a great way to introduce children to birding, tree hugging and nature.

They’ll learn that holidays are not just about toys and presents—but what they can do for their fellow creatures.

How to party for the birds:


Buy a small live red cedar tree and decorate it with edibles that birds relish–popcorn, tangerines, cranberries, and peanuts.

Kids will love smearing pinecones with peanut butter and rolling them in birdseed. Use ornament hooks to hang edibles on the branches. You can also scatter cotton balls on the tree for nesting materials.

The after party:


Plant the tree in your yard where it will attract our resident cardinals, mockingbirds, catbirds, and blue jays and be five star accommodations for migratory birds seeking shelter in spring and fall.

We often have a cold snap around the holidays, so it’s a perfect time to provide a “roof and complimentary breakfast” for the birds.

Red cedars are fast growing evergreens which will grow most anywhere—in poor soil, wet to dry and sun to shade places. Water a newly planted tree in well—then every day for two weeks, every other day for two weeks, and every third day for two weeks. Watch your tree grow! Just give it enough room!

You’ll create a little habitat! Every yard counts! With so much being cleared for development natural places are at a premium.


tip from:

Florida Native Plants Nursery & Landscaping
730 Myakka Road, Sarasota Florida 34240 (941) 322-1915 Directions

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