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Gardening zones

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Hardiness Zone North America Map is divided into 11 separate gardening zones.

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The USDA gardening zones map provides an easy guideline for categorizing locations suitable for winter survival of a rated plant in an “average” winter.

gardening zones map for north america
2012 update of the Hardiness Zone Map

In 2012 the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) updated their plant hardiness map to reflect the warmer observed temperatures in the past thirty years.

You can find hardiness zones in gardening catalogs or plant descriptions that help determine which plants are most likely to thrive at what location.

Plan it before you plant it using the USDA gardening zones map for North America.

Note: Gardening zone maps do have shortfalls; if the information is inaccurate, you may live in a microclimate. Soil, moisture, humidity, heat, wind, and other conditions also affect the viability of individual plants.

The USDA Hardiness Zone finder map for North America is now available as an interactive GIS-based map (broadband Internet connection recommended).

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Have you found your North America gardening zone? Do you plan your garden according to the USDA gardening zones map for North America?

3 Responses to Gardening zones

  • Thanks for posting the new zone map. I didn’t realize it was updated in 2012. My zone actually changed! Very surprising. Maybe that’s why my astilbe seeds never took off last year.

  • Did you know? … Some of the changes in the zones are a result of new, more sophisticated methods for mapping USDA zones between weather stations.

    • Wow! I didn’t know that. It certainly makes sense. The same Hardiness Zone Map has been around for as long as I can remember. With these technology advancements, we’re able to get even more precise with our garden planning than ever!

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