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Spring gardening

Spring garden planning

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Spring gardening includes clean up and inspection of the yard for winter damage and garden planning.

Make sure all gas and electric garden tools are operational. Check to see that garden hand tools are clean, sharp and lubricated.

Spring garden plans differ from year to year and depend on the landscape you have and what types of gardens you are planning. Vegetables? Wild flowers? etc

Creating a plan will allow you to do your necessary gardening projects over time… Spend some time searching the internet and looking at gardening pictures etc for examples of the type of garden you might want to create.

spring gardening

spring gardening

Planning is a must for those who can have only a set amount of time to spare for gardening tasks, or those whose budget only stretches so far.

Spring, here in zone 9b Florida where it is starting to feel more like summer real fast.

Does it feel like spring where you are?
Ready to start spring gardening in your USDA hardiness zone?

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