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The Commonly known ‘tickseed’ (Coreopsis floridana),
is Florida’s Official State Wildflower.

Florida designated coreopsis as the official state wildflower in 1991 after the colorful flowers were used extensively in Florida’s roadside plantings and highway beautification programs.

Common name: Florida. Tickseed. Scientific name: Coreopsis floridana.
genus of herbs in the family Asteraceae (Compositae)

The Coreopsis species are commonly referred to as tickseeds because the flat small fruit (achene) is ovalish to round and has two short spines that give it a buglike appearance.

2 – 3 feet high, the fast growing Florida coreopsis blooms over a 6- to 8-week period starting in early October.

Tickseed - Florida Official State Wildflower

Tickseed – Florida Official State Wildflower

Florida coreopsis (Coreopsis floridana) is said to be hardy in USDA Cold Hardiness Zones 8 to 10… fitting right into USDA Zone 9b Florida!

There are 13 tickseed species that occur in the Sunshine State, two of which do not occur in any other part of the world.

Relatively drought tolerant once established, Coreopsis is tolerant of a variety of soil types and environmental conditions, making it a popular choice for ‘Florida Friendly’ home gardeners.

From wet to moist, seasonally inundated sandy soils, without humus and nutrient poor soils… Co-exists well with bahiagras in dry, sandy sites.

Landscaping Recommended Uses: Useful as a colorful wildflower along the edge of a wetland.

It is an ideal plant for areas that have poor drainage or remain soggy for an extended period.

Heads up: If you live in an area with a lot of deer, do not be surprised if any of these wild-flowers are nibbled.

Tickseed wildflower is simple to grow, reseed readily, may be used as cut flowers, and are also nectar plants for butterflies. After they fade, the seed are enjoyed by birds.

florida tickseed

Florida tickseed

With thoughtful planning and preparation, you can plant and enjoy tickseed, Florida wild-flowers for years to come.

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Do you grow the official Florida state wildflowers? Seen them on Florida’s roadsides? Tell us …

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