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June in Zone 9b

Welcome to hurricane season as June begins in USDA Zone 9b.

Hurricane season in the Atlantic begins June 1st and ends November 30th. Remember to track hurricane season through NOAA.

TIP: Do not prune plants now unless you are sure that the cuttings will be picked up by your solid waste authority prior to storm arrival. Those trimmings at your curb can become airborne projectiles and will pose a danger to your property or that of your neighbors. (this great tip I got from FloridaGardener.com)

Something else worth sharing from FloridaGardener.com is to keep in mind fast growing trees are more prone to hurricane damage and should not be near your house. Natives are best but slow growing … worth the wait!

From the tip page: CLICK HERE for more gardening tips
Loose patio furniture, bird feeders, garden ornaments, tools, toys, solar lights and other items left in the yard can be blown into windows and through doors during hurricanes

OK, on with June Gardening in USDA Zone 9b...

Attention Floridian zone 9b gardeners, plan on getting your June gardening tasks done!

Get your monthly guide for what to plant and do in your gardens CLICK HERE … The June in USDA Zone 9b gardening guide includes links to useful gardening websites, all based on University of Florida research and expertise!

Find out … What to Plant & What to Do, the complete USDA zone 9b gardeners monthly guide can be found HERE

The June in USDA Zone 9b gardening guide is presented in pdf format and you will need to log into your Google account to view it.

Share your thoughts about gardening in June in USDA Zone 9b below!

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