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Secret plant killer

Did you know … The World Health Organization (WHO) HAS acknowledged the “anxiety and speculation” regarding electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their alleged effects on public health.

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So, what does this mean for your plants? … WIFI, the secret plant killer!

There has been a group of girls who grew trays of garden cress next to wifi routers, they found that most of the seedlings did not germinate. The results were alarming and posted all over the internet.

This was an experiment to test EMF, its nothing to do with ‘routers’.

There are some EM fields are capable of killing replicating cells, and that’s kind of the primary activity of embryonic cells, so that could perhaps be the reason the seeds failed to germinate.

Also, it’s been said that researchers in Holland found trees exposed to wireless radio signals did suffer from damaged bark and dying leaves.

The debate is ongoing… But, to be on the safe side, you might just want to plan your garden to be as far away from EMFs as possible, if at all possible.

Does EMF really affect your plants growth? One thing that IS growing are the concerns about health hazards of wifi … does it concern you? Share your thoughts about WIFI, the secret plant killer.

8 Responses to Secret plant killer

  • WOW! I have never heard about these findings before, but I don’t doubt it at all. There is more going on than what we can see with our eyes. To take it a step further: If those WIFI signals can have such an effect on our plants, what effect will it have on us?

    • Could be many more years before we start to know the outcome of EMF injurious effects to us as humans, our wildlife and our entire environment.

      • I agree! I’m currently planning a garden for my sister’s new home, and I will definitely be taking the WIFI signal into consideration. Any idea how far away is safe enough?

        • As far away as you can … I have some plants under an electrical wire from a post to my house that struggle. Some 20+ feet away of the same plant planted at the same time doing better … it is weird. But my plants DO GROW under the wire, just not as well. When planning a garden it is definitely something to think about.

  • Plus, think about us for a second, if plants not germinate near wi-fi…could you think the effects on our body?

  • I don’t know… all my plants germinate regularly near my wi-fi hotspot… And I don’t think it is too dangerous… everyone got wifi nowadays…

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